Daypack Rambler - A site for those who enjoy a walk in the British
    countryside and the opportunity to explore its wonderful wildlife
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About The Daypack Rambler

This site was originally set up in 2012 under the name of 'Countrysideramblings'. In April 2014 having finalised how I wanted it to develop and grow, it was split into two separate sites. This one now named 'Daypack Rambler' which is being devoted to walking in Britain and 'Daypack Ranger' where you can find out about Britain's wildlife habitats and the work being done to help protect and preserve them. Although currently a full time carer for an elderly relative I am and always has been very much at home out in the countryside either exploring it, sometimes with my elderly relative or helping to preserve it

Since my early days as a Scout on outdoor activities, I have always enjoyed getting out and exploring the British countryside. My interest in the Great Outdoors continued as a Scout Leader helping others gain the same enjoyment, organising walking weekends with a YHA Local Group, operating my own walking holiday business (which was sadly a victim of the 2001 Foot and Mouth epidemic) and leading walks for a walking group based in NW England.

This wealth of experience has been supplemented by a Hillwalking Leaders Certificate and an NNA Gold Navigation Award. An experience and skill base that will probably never be complete, as there are always new skills, improved navigation methods and a greater understanding of the British Countryside to be gained. What could be better than using the knowledge and skills gained so far to not only improve my own abilities, but also help others achieve the same level of enjoyment from our fragile countryside without destroying it.

This website hopefully goes some way towards achieving that aim with its mix of walking advice and information, user friendly walk routes and links to other related sites. A website that in time aims to expand to provide a wide range of walks from around the United Kingdom.

Who better to help you enjoy some of our wonderfully scenic landscapes and all they have to offer with their mix of valleys, woods, fells and moorlands than someone who is out in those environments whenever he has the opportunity.