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Route Planning

Having learnt some very basic navigation skills, don't just head off for the hills or your local countryside with your new map and compass without taking a few minutes to think things through.

No I am not trying to put you off or expecting you to carry out a full-blown expedition planning exercise, just asking you to consider a few details to ensure your walk is as enjoyable and trouble free as possible.

The factors you need to consider

A few final points

As a precaution, particularly if you are on your own, let someone know where you are going and when you expect to be back and don't forget to tell them when you are back; otherwise the emergency services may be called out unnecessarily.

For your own safety (and that of anyone else with you), don't ignore the weather on the day and be prepared to cancel the walk if it's really bad, you can always come back and do it another day.

Don't let this planning put you off, a well planned walk is a safe, enjoyable one that may prove to be a lot better than you expected, with you and those walking with you wanting to come back for more walks in the future.