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A Witch Country Walk From Barrowford

Grade : M
Distance : 12¼Km (7½ miles)
Height Climbed : 253 metres (830 feet)
Map : Explorer OL21
Stiles : 13
Summary : Starting from the Pendle Heritage Centre in Barrowford, the walk starts off along the first part of the Pendle Way as you follow Pendle Water upstream and head up to Bank End Farm, where you leave the Pendle Way to make your way towards Brown Hill. This climb is followed by a gentler section past the Black Moss Reservoirs to the village of Barley, a pleasant rural settlement popular with walkers and the opportunity to indulge in a pint or cream tea if you're feeling thirsty or peckish. You rejoin the Pendle Way here to continue past an old mill and picturesque mill cottages as you follow another riverside section of the route past White Hough and Thorney Holme, before heading back over to Barrowford and the option of a look round the heritage centre and perhaps a snack or meal before departing.
Terrain : A fairly easily followed route that can be boggy in places, with gentle climbs, descents and some road-walking. One cobbled bridge can be slippery in wet weather and one high stone step-stile needs care when descending. Ankle-supporting walking-boots should be worn due to the uneven ground on some sections of the walk. There is no animal pass for the cattle grid at the start of the drive up to Bank End Farm (point 10 below)
Start : The Pendle Heritage Centre car park in Barrowford. NGR: SD 8629 3979 Nearest Post Code: BB9 6JQ (The Pendle Heritage Centre on the opposite side of the road).
Access by car : From the south: on the M65 leave at Exit 13 and follow the A682 sign towards Kendal and the Pendle Heritage Centre. Continue ahead on the A682 for just under 1¾km (1 mile) to turn right into Colne Road (B6247). The car park is on your left very shortly after the bridge and junction.
From the north: on the A59 at Gisburn turn south onto the A682 towards Nelson, continue on the A682 for just under 11km (7 miles) to Barrowford, where you turn left into Colne Road (B6247). The car park is on your left very shortly after the bridge and junction.
Access by public transport : Bus 2 from Nelson daily or bus 67 from Clitheroe Monday to Saturday.


1   Grid ref : SD 8628 3982
Go through this gate in the top left-hand corner of the front car park (looking from the car park entrance) to follow a section of The Pendle Way, a 72¾ Km (45 mile) waymarked circular trail through some of Pendle's most attractive countryside. It's witch on a broomstick waymarks highlight its links with the Pendle Witches. The river on your left is Pendle Water.

2   Grid ref : SD 8626 4009
At the other end of the path, turn right here along the road until you reach the Old Malt Kiln building.

3   Grid ref : SD 8630 4016
Here you cross the road into Rockville.

4   Grid ref : SD 8629 4017
You then immediately take the cobbled lane on your left (Pinfold), signed on the building to the left in the picture 'to Calder View'. This takes you over a pack-horse bridge.

5   Grid ref : SD 8623 4019
At the bottom of this bridge, which can be slippery in wet weather, follow the road to your right.

6   Grid ref : SD 8617 4031
After the left hand bend take this path to the right of the road, which you follow ahead to the lane at the other end. Pendle Water is now on your right.

7   Grid ref : SD 8586 4098
Here you turn right over the bridge...

8   Grid ref : SD 8585 4101
... then left through this gate to follow the riverside path; ignoring a ford crossing, you keep the river to your left.

9   Grid ref : SD 8562 4109
When you reach this footbridge, cross it and bear right up the hill to the small pedestrian gate in the fence on the skyline.

10   Grid ref : SD 8546 4114
Pass through this gate and head straight across the field towards the tree and fenceline on the other side. You then go over a stile and follow the fenceline ahead through two gates, crossing a drive and a road to head up the drive of Bank End Farm as you leave the Pendle Way.
Be aware there is no animal pass for the cattle grid at the start of the drive up to Bank End Farm

11   Grid ref : SD 8482 4133
About 180 metres up the drive, pass through this gate to your right and continue uphill, parallel to the drive and through another gate.

12   Grid ref : SD 8472 4151
Keep the driveway to your left as you now bear left through the woodland to the wall in the distance ahead of you; it should be just visible in this picture. Ignore path signs off to your right.

13   Grid ref : SD 8466 4150
On reaching the wall pass through this gated stile, continue ahead up the hill and over another stile (the adjoining gate is likely to be locked). As you walk over the brow of the hill you keep ahead, following the track alongside a dry-stone wall towards the distant barn.

14   Grid ref : SD 8432 4125
On reaching the barn climb onto the stile in this right hand field corner and step across to the top of the adjacent stile on your right and down the other side. Then follow the left hand wall and as it bends left, continue straight ahead over the stile in the next wall and through a gate to an open gateway.

15   Grid ref : SD 8418 4117
After passing through this gateway, you head diagonally right through another gate and carry on to the top right hand corner of the field...

16   Grid ref : SD 8394 4116
... where you climb over this stile and turn right along the drive.

17   Grid ref : SD 8392 4125
On reaching this farm boundary, turn off the drive to go over the stile to the left of the farm buildings.

18   Grid ref : SD 8390 4125
Now bear left over this stile and continue uphill through the gap in a wall.

19   Grid ref : SD 8370 4130
You now head towards this right-hand corner of the field, where you will find the next stile that you need to climb before continuing just to the right of the building and telegraph poles you can see in the picture.

20   Grid ref : SD 8356 4137
Pass through this kissing-gate and follow the road to your right up to the road junction.

21   Grid ref : SD 8361 4171
Here you turn left towards Barley for about 500m.

22   Grid ref : SD 8308 4179
To reach this bridge and track junction, you turn left down the track, signed 'Public footpath and permissive bridleway to Barley'. This takes you round the lefthand side of Upper Black Moss Reservoir. Ignore a track that goes up into the woodland on your left.

23   Grid ref : SD 8265 4135
At this junction below the upper reservoir you turn left to follow the track along the left side of Lower Black Moss Reservoir, keeping ahead to its junction with the public road in Barley. Here you carry straight on through the village to the bus stop and turning area. You have now rejoined the Pendle Way until point 27 below.

24   Grid ref : SD 8215 4044
Cross this cobbled area to pass through the opening in the wall ahead (where you see the brown-orange fence) and follow the path round through the picnic area to the car park, where refreshments and public toilets are available.

25   Grid ref : SD 8230 4032
You now head straight across this car park to the far right corner...

26   Grid ref : SD 8237 4032
... to pick up this short path, which you follow left to its junction with a narrow lane. You now carry on ahead past the Narrowgate Cotton Mill on your left (now apartment blocks) and along a short, cobbled street with its mill cottages.

Narrowgate was a water-powered cotton-spinning mill, built in 1799 and rebuilt after a devastating fire in 1867. It suffered a flood in 1891 and another fire in 1920, but despite these set backs it continued operating until 1967. After which it was converted to residential apartments. The mill cottages are likely to have housed the Mills workers.

27   Grid ref : SD 8259 4032
Shortly after the cobbled street you reach this bend, where you walk through the gate in the picture and continue straight on along the track past a row of cottages to join another road, which you follow ahead as you again depert from the Pendle Wayand go over a bridge.

28   Grid ref : SD 8324 4031
Immediately after the bridge, go through this gate on your left and follow the riverside path (the river should be on your left) as it bends round to the right.

29   Grid ref : SD 8352 4012
You keep to the riverside to go through this gate, passing to the left of the white building of Thorneyholme Farm Cottage.

30   Grid ref : SD 8355 4007
After passing through this metal kissing-gate, keep to the riverside path through the gate opposite to cross a road and head up a set of steps.

31   Grid ref : SD 8387 3991
At the top of the steps you should just be able to make out this path junction. You need to fork right uphill and climb over the stile in the top left corner of the field. Continue ahead over a second stile, then through a kissing-gate to pass to the right of a caravan park.

32   Grid ref : SD 8435 3989
As the right-hand field boundary turns right by this track junction (it is clearer on the ground than in the picture), you take the righthand fork and continue following it to the road.

33   Grid ref : SD 8444 3987
You then follow the road left after passing over this stile.

34   Grid ref : SD 8458 3999
Turn right at this junction...

35   Grid ref : SD 8459 3999
... then immediately left through this gate and bear slightly right across the field. As the other side of the field comes into view, you need to walk down to where a hedge joins the boundary of the field you are in. As you get closer you will see a gate in the boundary (next picture).

36   Grid ref : SD 8480 4000
Go through this gate and continue ahead down the track and road to the second left hand bend.

37   Grid ref : SD 8510 3994
Pass through this gap in the wall on your right; beware, it is easily missed. It is just over 250m from the gate in the previous picture and just before the garden boundary; there is a telegraph pole in the field to your left. On the other side of this gap there is a steep step down to the footpath, which you follow.

38   Grid ref : SD 8525 3984
When you reach this gate and stile, continue straight ahead over the less prominent metal barred stile to the left of the gate. You then follow the right-hand field boundary, pass through a wooden gate and metal turnstile in the bottom right hand corner and follow the path into Barrowford.

39   Grid ref : SD 8555 3967
Here you follow the road left for a few metres.

40   Grid ref : SD 8559 3968
Then turn right at this junction into Lupton Drive and follow it to the T-junction at the other end.

41   Grid ref : SD 8566 3951
Here you turn left and continue ahead along Church Road...

42   Grid ref : SD 8589 3962
... to cross this main road at the bottom and follow it left. The river and parkland to your right are Pendle Water and Barrowford Memorial Park.

43   Grid ref : SD 8597 3970
At the bus stop you have again joined the Pendle Wayfor the last short leg of your walk; you go up this ramp and over the footbridge into the park.

44   Grid ref : SD 8598 3969
You now follow this path left, keeping left at the junctions. The buildings you pass to your right include the heritage centre's visitor centre, gift shop and cafe. It is also the official start and finish point of the Pendle Way. Why not take a look round and enjoy an afternoon tea before your journey home; there's just a road to cross to finish your walk.

45   Grid ref : SD 8625 3979
Having enjoyed your walk (at least I hope you've enjoyed it), you now continue out of the park's main entrance to cross the road in the picture and walk through the gate opposite into the car park from where you started.

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