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Wycoller And Trawden Walk

Grade : M
Distance : 11Km (6¾ miles)
Height Climbed : 278 metres (912 feet)
Map : Explorer OL21
Stiles : 11
Summary : A gentle walk through Bronte Country exploring the weavers settlement of Trawden where you can still trace the route of the old Colne & Trawden Light Railway and passing the impressive Lumb Spout Waterfall. It finishes by taking you through the village of Wycoller with its spooky legends and Jane Eyre's Ferndean Manor.
Wycoller visitor centre is open at weekends and the tea room is closed on Mondays.
Terrain : Generally fairly easy walking with some inclines and boggy areas. Dogs may need lifting over some stiles and some dog gates may be too small for large dogs.
Start :Trawden Road car park, Wycoller    NGR: SD 9261 3951    Nearest Post Code: BB8 8SY (in Wycoller village about 500 metres past the car park. You can only go as far as the car park by car - the village has restricted vehicle access).
Access by car : From the eastern end of the M65 follow the A6068 towards Keighly for about 2¾Km (1¾ miles), where you need to look out for and turn right immediately after a roundabout onto the B6250 to Trawden. After roughly 2Km (1¼ miles) take a very sharp left turn into Keighly Road signed for The Old Rock, which you follow for ¾Km (½ mile) before turning right to follow the brown sign to Wycoller. This leads you to the car park on your right.
Access by public transport : Bus M3 from Nelson daily to Trawden bus turning circle (point 10 on the route)


1   Grid ref : SD 9264 3950
From the car park, follow this path by the pay and display machine parallel with the road to its end at a left hand bend.

2   Grid ref : SD 9304 3939
Here you continue ahead over the stile to bear diagonally right across the fields with their vaccary walls, following the marker posts.
The vaccary walls are remnants of the old 12th - 15th century cattle farms known as "Vaccaries" with the field boundaries made of huge slabs sunk upright into the ground with their edges touching.

3   Grid ref : SD 9316 3913
On reaching this road the other side of the gate and stile, follow it right.

4   Grid ref : SD 9310 3906
After about 100 metres (328 feet), go up these steps on your right and keep to the path ahead through the wood, continue ahead as you emerge the other side.

5   Grid ref : SD 9246 3856
Continue straight across this farm track and follow round the right hand side of a farm, then keep ahead on the path to the right hand corner of the field in front of another farm.

6   Grid ref : SD 9214 3825
Here you go through this gate and immediately turn left along the waymarked path past the tall hedgerow and follow the left hand boundary ahead.

7   Grid ref : SD 9175 3826
Follow the lane right on the other side of this gate.

8   Grid ref : SD 9162 3847
At these cottages immediately after the left hand bend, take the path ahead between the buildings and follow the right hand boundary. Cross the footbridge at the bottom and head up to and through the gate in the top right hand corner of the field.

9   Grid ref : SD 9128 3844
This takes you over a stile to this cobbled street, which you follow left.
The tramlines in this cobbled street are the remains of the Colne & Trawden Light Railway which operated between the 2 towns from 1903 to 1914.

10   Grid ref : SD 9126 3838
You soon come to this cobbled bus turning area, where you go left along the road the other side of it through Trawden and Slackbooth for a little over 500 metres (¼ mile).

11   Grid ref : SD 9163 3798
Here you turn right before the bridge over the brook on the far side of the apartment block on your left (Hollin Hall - a converted textile mill).

12   Grid ref : SD 9160 3786
At this junction near the top of the hill keep left.

13   Grid ref : SD 9164 3766
Then go left again at this fork and keep ahead along the road.

14   Grid ref : SD 9189 3734
When you reach this access road on your right for Alderhurst Farm, go through a gap in the left hand wall immediately after it and follow the path down to the bottom right hand corner. Go through the gate and continue straight ahead over a footbridge.

15   Grid ref : SD 9199 3729
Now go over this second bridge immediately to your left and follow the beck side path; shortly after it levels out you should see a waterfall to your left. This is Lumb Spout and along with its cascading neighbour that is partly obscured by the trees can be very impressive after heavy rainfall (watch your footing on the steep gradient if venturing down for a closer look).

16   Grid ref : SD 9226 3728
Your route continues roughly parallel with the beck to this path junction by a bridge, here you bear right...

17   Grid ref : SD 9229 3725
... to take the path straight on past this waymarker, then continue ahead over a ladder stile and along the right hand boundary.

18   Grid ref : SD 9280 3696
At the other end of the field, turn left along the road after this stile to join a section of the Bronte Way, Pennine Bridleway and Pendle Way back to Wycoller.
The Bronte Way links sites associated with the Bronte Sisters.
The Pennine Bridleway runs very roughly parallel with the Pennine Way, exploring ancient packhorse routes and drovers roads.
The Pendle Way explores some of Pendle's attractive countryside, the witch on a broomstick waymark highlighting its links with the Pendle Witches.

19   Grid ref : SD 9333 3723
As the road curves round a left hand bend, you keep straight ahead along the left hand boundary for just under 2km (about 1 mile)...

20   Grid ref : SD 9404 3794 reach this right hand bend, follow it downhill over a rather substantial bridge then turn left through a gate on the other side and continue following the main path ahead...

21   Grid ref : SD 9477 3841
...bearing slightly left as you join this more prominent track.

22   Grid ref : SD 9485 3848
Turn left on reaching this track crossroad.

23   Grid ref : SD 9420 3872
You now follow the track to the village of Wycoller, ignoring paths and tracks off left and right and continuing ahead along the road at this junction as you approach the village.

24   Grid ref : SD 9324 3925
As you come into the centre of the village you pass Wycoller Hall on your right, after which you need to bear left over this pack horse bridge.
Wycoller Hall was the setting for Ferndean Manor in Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre" and the ghostly home of Squire Cunliffe and his wife. The master apparently came home and murdered his wife after hearing that she was having an affair with another man; her chilling screams and his horse galloping off into the hillside have apparently been heard around the village.

25   Grid ref : SD 9322 3924
Follow this lane right on the other side of the bridge past the tea room (where walkers are welcome and it makes for a convenient refreshment stop before returning to the car park).

26   Grid ref : SD 9318 3938
A short distance past the tea room you come to this junction where you go left up the hill...

27   Grid ref : SD 9303 3940 this right hand bend that you will no doubt recognise from the first part of the walk. Here you take the metalled path to the left of and running parallel with the road back to the car park.

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